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About 5 minutes after you bring home your new swim raft, you lose any love you had for seagulls!

After seeing a neighbor's swim raft suffer from "Undeterred Birds", we were determined to avoid that fate!

Enjoy the Lake:

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Our 2022 prototypes were Super Effective!!

Turns out it development was a two step process-

1. First came the jury rigged scare decoy.

2. Next the attached rinse bucket, to address minor nighttime gull landing when the decoy was less visible.

The results were awesome, virtually eliminating gull activity! .

So great prototypes, but the issue was insecure, inconvenient and butt ugly jury rigged mounting!

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RafTek Repeller decoys!

Raftek Repellers use a minimal footprint on your swim raft, out of the way.

Then they get to work, scaring gulls away and providing an "all in one" rinse bucket

The silicone mounting harness accommodates up to 3" diameter mounts, and is shown on a standard 1 1/2" swim ladder.

Made for easy tool-free installation, and durability, RafTek decoys stay in place, and are built foryears of use.

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With RafTek, your raft has a convenient rinse bucket,always at hand!

Simple, tool-free release and reattachment, effective and easy to manage size.

With RafTek there is no need for a swim to shore for a bucket!

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You won't miss doing this!

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